SimPick - Picking Technology

Room 20.1.25 - Campus Ledward

What is SimPick

  • It is a warehousing and picking system
  • SAP S4/Hana handles customer order management and transfer to SAP-EWM
  • SAP-EWM handles control and operative processing in the warehouse

Types of picking shown

  • Goods-to-man principle (from shelving racks)
  • Man-to-goods principle (from a horizontal carousel)

Branch library for Logistics

Logistics students should of course understand the logistical processes in a warehouse (=library). Due to this, SimPick houses the FHWS branch library for Logistics. To illustrate the logistical processes, the lending process for a Logistics book is different from the one in the general FHWS Library.  

For more information about the (lending) process, please visit the page of the branch library for Logistics.


Degree programmes Bachelor’s in Logistik (BLO) / Logistics (IBL)

  • SEML(Seminar in Logistics)
  • PROA/B (Project in Industry A & B)

For a detailed description of modules, please refer to the module handbook.

Bereich SimPick und Teilbibliothek Logistik
Bereich SimPick und...
Bereich SimPick und Teilbibliothek Logistik
... Teilbibliothek Logistik