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What is SimCar?

  • SimCar is a real-life case study for a group of at least 15 students.
  • It shows an assembly line where concepts of balancing production lines and strategies of material staging can be demonstrated

In the commissioning of an assembly line, on which a large number of variants can be manufactured, the challenges from the point of view of production and logistics are concentrated as if in one focal point. 

Students’ tasks

  • Connect the assembly line to other production areas of the workflow
  • Balance the lines
  • Integrate the system into existing logistic processes and structures


  • Cycle times for the assembly line should be as short as possible 
  • Inventory at the assembly line should be as low as possible 

 The project team has one semester 

  • to define the products’ module structure (distribution of assembly task between pre-assembly and final assembly). 
  • to balance the assembly line.
  • to determine the information shown to the operators at their workstations.
  • to plan the materials supply and material staging.


  • At the assembly line, more than 300 variants of Lego® cars can be assembled at five workstations
  • Directly connected to the assembly line, there is an area for pre-assembling and sequencing
  • Modules are prepared for final just-in-time or just-in-sequence staging to the assembly line
  • All workstations are equipped with an information system for operators
  • Finished Lego® cars are disassembled in a separate disassembly area
  • The disassembly area works as supplier so the material cycle is closed

To prove that the concept they developed is working, the project group must operate the system over a period of two hours.

Planned extensions

  • Automated optical inspection
  • Smart material staging
  • RFID-supported assembly line

Bereich SimCar im Logistics Lab
Bereich SimCar im Logistics Lab