For the topics dealt with in the SYSiDAT Lab, the FHWS Faculty of Business and Engineering offers infrequently courses for different semesters:

  • Prozessoptimierung mit Machine Learning und künstlicher Intelligenz (Process optimization by machine learning and artificial intelligence; Bachelor’s Wirtschaftsingenieurwesen)
  • Material Flow Systems / Technical Logistics (Bachelor’s in Logistics/Logistik)
  • Prozessoptimierung mit SIX SIGMA (Bachelor’s in Wirtschaftsingenieurwesen)/Process optimization with SIX SIGMA(Bachelor’s in Business and Engineering)
  • Analyse- und Planungsmethoden (Bachelor’s in Wirtschaftsingenieurwesen)/Analytical methods (Bachelor’s in Business and Engineering)
  • Quantitative Methoden [Prozessoptimierung] (Quantitative Methods [Process Optimization]; Master’s in Wirtschaftsingenieurwesen)
  • Business Analytics via Data Analytics und Deep Learning (Master’s in Wirtschaftsingenieurwesen)
  • Business Analytics [Prozessoptimierung] (Master’s in Wirtschaftsingenieurwesen)
  • Prozess und Qualitätsmanagement (Bachelor’s in Wirtschaftsingenieurwesen)/Process and Quality assurance (Bachelor’s in Business and Engineering)
  • Produktionsplanung- und -steuerungssysteme (PPS-Systeme) (Bachelor’s in Wirtschaftsingenieurwesen)
  • Materialflusssimulation (Bachelor’s in Wirtschaftsingenieurwesen)/Material Flow Simulation (Bachelor’s in Business and Engineering, and Logistics/Logistik)
  • Technical Applications in Logistics (Bachelor’s Logistics/Logistik)

Bachelor's and Master's theses

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Lab courses

During lab courses, students work with the simulation software PLANT SIMULATION® - a module from SIEMENS Technomatix® software. With this, users can model, simulate and animate production and logistics systems; it is highly suitable to optimize business processes in industry and is used by many companies.

Screenshot of the software Plant Simulation
Screenshot of the software Plant Simulation®
Screenshot of the software Plant Simulation
The simulation software PLANT SIMULATION® is one module from the SIEMENS Technomatix® software


In this context, SYSiDAT offers the following lab courses for THWS students:

Dimensioning of checkouts and queue optimization

In this lab course, the customer flow in a supermarket, from the entrance to the exit, is simulated. The students change the length of queues in front of the checkouts and customer flows depending on the day of the week and the time of day. The task is to determine the number of checkouts required and the queue length in order to find a reasonable compromise between the customers’ waiting time and the company’s costs.

Toll station

Traffic flow at the toll station Sterzing at the Italian border is to be analysed on the basis of two models. By means of generated waiting times in front of the individual toll booths, the students decide which of the two models poses the best compromise between the waiting times for road users and the company’s costs.

Credit certificates acquired in the lab can be accredited with 0.5 ECTS for BWW/IBE students as experiment for the module Laboratory Tests.