Programme Advice

Programme advice covers advice for students for the whole duration of their programme. This includes advice on study options and study techniques in the field, selection and taking of courses, monitoring results of studies, questions regarding the change of degree programmes and transfer to another university, job-oriented design of your course of study, preparation for exams, degrees, options for postgraduate studies and complementary studies, as well as options for accreditation of obtained credits.

Prof. Dr. Ulrich Deutschle

Programme Advisor for the Bachelor in Wirtschaftsingenieurwesen BWW

Phone: +49 9721 940-8684


Elke Stadelmann

Prof. Dr. Elke Stadelmann

Programme Advisor for the Bachelor in Business and Engineering IBE

Phone: +49 9721 940-8739

E-Mail: elke.stadelmann[at]

Prof. Dr. Norbert Schmidt

Programme Advisor for the Bachelor in Logistik BLO & Logistics IBL

Phone: +49 9721 940-8693 


Prof. Dr. Schwindl

Prof. Dr. Kurt Schwindl

Programme Advisor for the Master in Wirtschaftsingenieurwesen MWW

Phone: +49 9721 940-8782

E-Mail: kurt.schwindl[at]

Prof. Dr. Sponholz

Prof. Dr. Uwe Sponholz

Programme Advisor for the advanced training master in Business with Europe MBE

Phone: +49 9721 940-8409

E-Mail: uwe.sponholz[at]