Outgoing Exchange Students

A semester abroad broadens horizons and increases your job opportunities

Are you a student of our faculty and interested in studying abroad? On this page you will find a short summary of all relevant information. Detailed information can be found in our e-learning course Studieren im Ausland FWI / Study Abroad FWI.

The Faculty of Business and Engineering recommends the 4th and the 5th semester for a semester abroad. In order to prepare for your semester abroad in the best possible way, we advise you to start planning one year in advance.


You have several options for studying abroad:

Regular semester abroad

You can spend one or two semesters as a regular exchange student at one of our partner universities.

Double Degree

Students in the BWW and IBE programmes have the opportunity to earn a double degree with a partner university under certain conditions. 


If you would like to study at a university that is not a partner of the faculty, this can be organised independently as a so-called Freemover.


Where can I find more information?

General information can be found on the International Office (HSIN) page.

Detailed FWI specific information about our partner universities and the application process can be found in the E-Learning course Studieren im Ausland FWI / Study Abroad FWI. Detailed FWI-specific infomation about our partner universities, the application process, our double degrees and what you need to consider as a freemover can be found in the e-learning course Studieren im Ausland FWI / Study Abroad FWI.

At our faculty-internal "Go-Out Information Sessions" at the end of October/beginning of November, you will receive detailed information about our partner universities, as well as general information about organising your stay abroad and financing options.

Current dates are published in the E-Learning course Studieren im Ausland FWI / Study Abroad FWI in the "News Studieren im Ausland/News studying abroad" (at the top of the course). To be informed about the news by e-mail, subscribe to this forum.


Do you have further questions?

Feel free to contact Team International.




The THWS International Office collects experience reports about studies abroad in its European Diaries which are, however, currently only available in German. The diaries document the students’ experiences and impressions during their time abroad. Whether from Italy, Finland, Poland, Netherlands or Slovenia– all those insights are exciting.


links to more pictures from studies abroad

We compiled a page showing pictures by your fellow students studying at partner universities abroad. If you also want to share your pictures from your studies abroad, we are looking forward to your e-mail to jan.hofmann[at]thws.de