What is we@fwi?

Hello, “Servus” and welcome to our we@fwi-group!

What can you expect here? We organize a great programme of excursions, events and activities. All students of the Faculty of Business and Engineering (FWI) can simply come and join in and, of course, we would be happy to have people in our group interested in organizing events by themselves! YOU can become a part of the group!

Maybe you sometimes feel going a little stir crazy.

Why don’t you suggest an activity for the group you would like to do together with fellow students?

Maybe you are new to Schweinfurt.

Then you might find locals in the group to help you settle down, or people to explore Schweinfurt with you!

Perhaps you are thinking about a semester abroad.

In the group, you can get to know students from our partner universities and ask about your dream university abroad. Moreover, if you are planning or co-hosting an event for our group, you will receive preferential treatment in the selection process for your semester abroad.

Have a look at current events in FHWS E-Learning. Just sign up for the E-Learning course we@fwi!


Drop us an e-mail: we.fwi[at]thws.de


Link to more basketball photos


A few students met to go to a basketball game in Würzburg. On the train to Würzburg, students played UNO and had the chance to get to know each other.
It was a fantastic game and a wonderful atmosphere. After the game, the group visited the Christmas Market and had a traditional Bratwurst (fried sausage). Follow the link for some photographic impressions

Link to more photos of St. Nicholas Evening

St. Nicholas Day

On St. Nicholas Day on 6 December, the group came together to enjoy yummy homemade baked apples, German Christmas cookies (Spekulatius) and gingerbread (Lebkuchen). Of course, a cup of hot punch was a must. Traditional live music got us all goose bumps. Follow the link for some photographic impressions

Link to more photos of the Kick Off Event.

Kick Off Event we@fwi

The group was founded in October 2018. The official start took place with a kick off event. The catering included typically Bavarian fried sausages (Bratwurst) and pretzels as well as food typical for the countries of our international students. Participants were invited to wear traditional dresses from their home countries. It was an amazing kick off and we want to thank everyone who took part! Follow the link for some photographic impressions