FWI-Buddies for winter semester 2023/2024

Abdiel Franceschi Tovar

Degree programm: Logistics (IBL)
Semester: 5
Expert for: Adaptability
Contact: abdiel.franceschitovar@study.thws.de
About me:

Hardworking and enthusiastic College Student working towards a B.S. in Logistics. Looking to improve my skills and at the same time cooperate in the development of my surroundings

Michael Scheuring

Degree programme: Logistics (IBL)
Semester: 3
Expert for: Study matters advising
Campus orientation
International events support
Student's networking
Projects improvement
Contact: michael.scheuring@study.thws.de
About me:Hi there! My name is Michael Scheuring, a 26-year-old third semester IBL student.
My hobbies are: reading, playing piano, IT information, stoicism, spending time with the family. For sports, I do like trekking , cycling, hiking, swimming, workout and lots of others :)
So let us start from this point and bring the action!

Nikhil Patil

Degree programm: Logistics (IBL)
Semester: 7
Expert for: Pursuing studies successfully in IBL;
Subjects of interest: TMFO, LSER, INLO, STPU, SAP, Project A/B,  
Exam Registration, De-registration, Re-registration;
City Registration, VISA processes;
Student groups and clubs in Schweinfurt;
Time and Money management for students.
Living an active student lifestyle in Germany.
Contact: nikhil.patil@study.thws.de
LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/nikhil-p-422b99108
About me: I am from India, studying IBL. Have been socially active in university activities. Was a tutor for TMFO/TAFO subjects. Worked for Prof. Dr. Peik Bremer and Prof. Dr. Norbert Schmidt. Currently pursuing an internship at Bosch.