FWI-Buddies for winter semester 2022/2023

Sanjeev Venkatesh Vurutur

Degree programme: Logistics (IBL)
Semester: 7
Expert for: I can help you understand how projects and seminars in general work here in our study program. If it is subjects that you’re looking for, I am confident with the following subjects:
Procurement, Planning of Complex Logistics Systems, SAP, International Logistics and Logistics services.
Contact: sanjeevvenkatesh.vurutur@student.thws.de
LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/sanjeevvurutur
Über mich An ardent learner who is constantly seeking out new experiences to satiate his insatiable curiosity. Currently going to start working on my Bachelor Thesis.
I read quite a lot, am particularly interested in ancient history and like to go on hikes.