FWI-Buddies für das Wintersemester 2023/2024

Aysegül Elgene

Studiengang: Logistik (BLO)
Fachsemester: 7
Expertin für: I can help you with:
* your study program for BLO and IBL (german and english)
* questions regarding exams

Kontakt: ayseguel.elgene@study.thws.de
Über mich:

I'm a german student from schweinfurt and will help you with anything regarding your student life in schweinfurt. I'm speaking german, english and turkish.

Jan-Christopher Langner

Studiengang: Logistik (BLO)
Fachsemester: 5
Expertin für: • finding Stuff in Schweinfurt
• Boardgame night

Kontakt: jan-christopher.langner@study.thws.de
Über mich:

I am from Schweinfurt  and i am also active in the STV and the Boardgame night team.