2013/14: Surveying

Visualization project: Laser scanning of a burrow & visualization in the VR Lab

Supervised by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ansgar Brunn, a project for visualization via laser scanning was conducted. For this, a laser is used to scan the surroundings and generate a point cloud. This point cloud usually consists of several million points that contain depth information and color information. In a computing process, the points are connected and triangular surfaces are created; therefore, it is called triangulation. In other words: Individual points become 3D objects.

The 3D object, created in cooperation with the lab for photogrammetry and laser scanning, was an underground cave. This cave was scanned from several positions, triangulated and loaded into the software of the VR Lab. It could be now viewed on a scale of 1:1 from all angles.

A flight through the cave can be found below as a video. By this simple way of visualization it is possible to make the cave accessible to a wide audience.

Similar 3D laser scans can also be made of buildings, industrial buildings, individual industrial components and workplaces.

Isabella Degen, Linda Weber and Ansgar Brunn: Creation of a 3D cave model of a stalactite cave, Joint Conference in 2014 of DGfK, DGPF, GfGl and GiN (DGPF Proceedings 23/2014)



Video of the flight through a virtual cave