Master’s Projects

During the three semesters of the master’s programme Wirtschaftsingenieurwesen, students are given the opportunity to work together with their supervising professors on a joint research topic and develop new scientific results. For this, the students prepare two research projects during the programme and a master’s thesis at the end. Ideally, the results of the research projects complement each other and then lead to the final master’s thesis by which the programme will also be successfully completed.

Master’s projects should be based on a research topic or a scientific problem. Students can suggest project topics themselves and ideally bring them along already at the start of the programme. Master’s projects can have a purely theoretical research topic or be developed in cooperation with a company. Possible cooperation should be intitiated and coordinated in advance on the students own initiative.

The project topic should have a thematic scope of at least two semesters and, if the problem is suitable, should be completed in the third semester with the master’s thesis.