2012: Architecture

Visualization project: Photo-realistic representation of a house before the actual building of the house

In a three-day project, a group of students from the Architecture programme studied, edited and animated various residential buildings in the Virtual Reality Lab. The aim was to give the client the possibility to walk photo-realistically through their house on a scale of 1:1 before building on the building site and to check whether they are satisfied with the planned execution.

It was thus possible to verify that the eaves over the terrace protrude too far into the field of vision. In the living room, the client decided to move the couch a bit to the side and to install a Swedish stove. These and other improvements could be discussed and implemented directly with the client.

The project made it possible to thest the limits of the VR Lab at that time, which gave rise to new impulses.



Animated flight



Single frames from the project

Picture of a photo-realistic representation of a child in a kitchen
Picture of a child in a kitchen
Visualized driveway with garage and cars in the foreground
Driveway with garage in the foreground
Entrance area with garden
Entrance area with garden

Information from the degree programme Architecture

Course:  Virtualisierung von Architekturmodellen (virtualization of architectural models)
Lecturer/Supervisor : Prof. Dr. Bidmon


  • Bernd Kempf
  • Johannes Manger
  • Tanja Swann
  • Maximilian Schorb
  • Alexander Ruf