Cooperation with Bosch Rexroth for Hannover Messe 2013

Bosch Rexroth is one of the world’s leading specialists for drive and control technologies.1

Bosch Rexroth supplies these products to companies such as machine manufacturer MAE. In the cooperation presented here, a machine from MAE, in this case a straightening press, was exhibited and presented at the Hannover Messe booth in 2013. Due to the mobile use of the VR Lab, the machine could be presented in steroscopic 3D directly at the booth. In addition, the interested parties were able to virtually take the machine apart. This type of presentation enabled Rexroth to make its components, which are not visible from the outside, and their unique technical features perceptible in the OEM’s machine.

This project resulted in two final theses. One dealt with the technical realization for the trade fair, including hardware and software configurations, the other examined the popularity of virtual exhibits among the public.

The video below shows what the machine presentation at the fair looked like.


In the VR Lab, the 3D data was prepared for the trade fair and the video shown above was created. Thanks to the VR environment, the straightening press could be presented in stereoscopic 3D.

This cooperation gave Bosch Rexroth the opportunity to place a low-cost crowd puller in the exhibition booth with the VR Lab as an eye catcher. The trick: Bosch Rexroth was able to significantly reduce its exhibition space and costs and significantly increase the number of qualified contacts.

In a vivid presentation, the attention was increased and the visitors longer occupied at the booth. After the 3D show, every visitor was able to disassemble the straightening press and see where the Rexroth components were installed and what advantages they had for the machine manufacturer MAE.

Below is a trade fair video from Bosch Rexroth about the Hannover Messe.

Trade fair video about Hannover Messe 2013, source Bosch Rexroth


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