Preparatory Course "Mathematics Basics"

For english speaking first year students of the Faculty of Business and Engineering, THWS offers a preparatory course in Mathematics which aims to deepen elementary knowledge.


Online Event

18. - 22.09.2023
09:00 - 14:30 h

Lecture notes

Please print the lecture notes “Mathematics” and bring it to the course.
Contents: Trigonometry, elementary functions (trigonometric functions, exponential functions, linear equations, linear systems of equations with two unknowns, vector calculus in the plane, quadratic equations, calculations with powers and logarithms, term transformation, fractions.

Target group

Beginners at FHWS who completed a non-technical course at a Fachoberschule (e.g. FOS Wirtschaft) or have a general higher education qualification (Abitur). During this course, gaps in your mathematical training will be closed.
Suitable for beginners at FHWS who left school more than two years. Among these beginners, only those are addressed who consider it necessary to refresh the above-mentioned elementary knowledge.

The preparatory course is not aimed at successful participants of the corresponding advanced school courses (Leistungskurse).

If you have any questions, please contact the Dean’s Office at FANG.