What do our practice partners benefit from?

Mr Zimmermann, YES GmbH

“So far we have carried out two projects with the FHWS ERP Lab. Both cases were about the development of show cases to highlight the potential and opportunities of IoT. Our collaboration with the ERP Lab was hassle-free and highly satisfying for us. 

For us, the benefit lies in the fact that we build up/maintain knowledge within the company in areas that we assume will play a major role in the future, but are currently not as strongly in the focus of the customer's attention.”

Michaela Boockmann, Boockmann Engineering GmbH 

Cooperating with FHWS is very valuable for us, because through it we get fresh ideas from young minds, which the old hands sometimes don’t come up with due to habit in the always same environment at our customers’;

  • because we are remembered to again try to think outside the box that has been inevitably created by operational blindness.
  • Although it mind sound obvious, because we can thus process projects that have been on our to-do list for a long time, but which are often postponed due to full capacity utilization in favour of higher-priority customer requests.”

BSH Hausgeräte Bad Neustadt

During the project “Defect/Error Structure Trees in Maintenance” the student group worked out several alternative solutions and validated them for the specific application to the factory. The students’ work built the basis for the company, which is now carried on in a proof of concept. Due to the students’ independent way of working, collaboration with the group was very good and productive.”

Dominik Grötsch, Ampack GmbH -  A Bosch Packaging Technology Company

 “Since 2016 we have been offering the opportunity for students of FHWS to conduct a in-house project seminar at Ampack GmbH (Bosch Packaging Technology) in the area of sales/distribution. Up to now, we have been able to successfully carry out four project seminars where we benefitted from the external, innovative and neutral perspective of the students. Every time again we are delighted by the hassle-free project execution, the students’ motivation and the valuable results which help us to view different challenges in our everyday business from a different perspective.

Jürgen T. Knauf, SCOPAR GmbH

 For many years now we are conducting projects with FHWS students at our customers. By uncomplicated collaboration and the students’ high motivation, the customers receive valuable input for their questions and sustainable solutions for their challenges. The scientific approach in particular, as well as the young students, mean that relevant aspects of Generation Y are incorporated into the results, from which our customers benefit in the long term.”

Bauteilprüfzentrum Scheller GmbH

We have been successfully collaborating for years now with FHWS students for the project seminar. The taught methodologies are applied by the project teams in a practice-oriented and modern way to the tasks set by the company and usually lead to creative and fresh approaches to solutions, which we then usually implement in reality. These collaborations are fun and we are looking forward to more successful cooperations with the Faculty WI in the future.

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