Programme objective

The master’s programme serves to deepen and further develop theoretical and scientific knowledge and methods in the field of business and engineering. Training focuses on the integrative development of technical, methodical and social leadership skills in the fields of technical sales and logistics and production engineering.

Graduates obtain a Master of Engineering (M.Eng.) degree.

They will be particularly qualified to take over leadership positions in industry and can also enter German higher civil service (höherer Dienst, QE 4). In addition, the master’s degree opens the opportunity to enter doctoral studies.

Occupational fields

The course of study expands the professional profile and enables graduates to successfully master challenging engineering tasks.

Especially in the field of technical sales, industrial engineers are indispensable as an interface between engineers and management experts. At this interface, customer requirements are taken up and translated into technical specifications.

The Logistics Engineering specialisation teaches the ability to analytically plan logistics systems with appropriate methodological competence and to optimize them according to logistical aspects.