Examination Committees

There is an examination committee for each degree programme. It consists of a chair, a deputy chair and at least one other member.
Examination committees have the following duties:

  1. preparation and conduct of examinations, as far as it is not the duty of another examining body;
  2. determination and public notification of examination dates in coordination with the relevant deans;
  3. the appointment of examiners, the assignment of students to examiners, and the appointment of any assessors for oral examinations;
  4. the determination of and public notification about allowed materials on a proposal by the examiner responsible for the exam tasks;
  5. the decision on the successful completion of the internship semester and the pre-study internship/formative internship;
  6. the decision on the accreditation of periods of study, academic achievements and relevant equivalent vocational or educational training, as well as the signing of learning agreements;
  7. the decision on the consequences of violations of examination legislation;
  8. the decision on applications for extensions of deadlines;
  9. the determination of examination results;
  10. the implementation of the aptitude procedure for access to a master’s programme, unless otherwise stipulated in the study and examination regulations (SPO).


Prof. Dr. Peter Meyer (Chair)
Prof. Dr. Oliver Ehret
Prof. Dr. Johannes Paulus
Prof. Dr. Jochen Seufert
Prof. Dr. Elke Stadelmann


Prof. Dr. Oliver Ehret (Chair)
Prof. Dr. Birgit Gampl
Prof. Dr. Peter Meyer
Prof. Dr. Norbert Schmidt
Prof. Dr. Christian Zirkelbach


Prof. Dr. Peter Meyer (Chair)
Prof. Dr. Oliver Ehret
Prof. Dr. Volker Bräutigam
Prof. Dr. Parviz Farmanara
Prof. Dr. Kurt Schwindl


Prof. Dr. Peter Meyer (Chair)
Prof. Dr. Oliver Ehret
Prof. Dr. Parviz Farmanara


Prof. Dr. Christian Motzek (Chair)
Prof. Dr. Peter Meyer
Prof. Dr. Holger Walter
Prof. Dr. Markus Zink
Prof. Dr. Anatoli Wellhöfer